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&& The Teeth Heads With No Eyes

On the Carousel Rides that Spin Round and Round and Round and Round

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You call me Jewelumms. I see with eyes unclouded. I hear with ears that have been blasted by too many long nights next to venue speakers. I speak through lips that refuse to be closed. I taste with a tongue that's been tasted in return. I feel with skin that has yet to be burned by the hot sun. I think with a mind that is tired from thinking too much, but can't seem to stop. I breathe with lungs filled up with marlboro smoke. I bleed from veins that wont be nicked easily. I love with a sewn up doll of a heart that refuses to stop beating, no matter how many rips and tears it gets. I live. With myself, with the world, with my shadow, with my mind, and with you. I refuse to stop living. Go ahead and beat me, inside and out. I've survived every single kind of attack you could ever throw at me. I'm young, but I'm not naive, and I'm sure as hell not inexperienced. I'm not going to be around forever, I know that. But I will not ever die by your hands.
After School Nightmare, Death Note, Rurouni Kenshin, Kamui, Loveless, Hot Gimmick, D.Gray-Man, Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango), YuYuHakusho, all the Tenchi series, Kingdom Hearts (doesn't really count as a manga, but whatevah), Full Metal Alchemist.
Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers), Anything from Tim Burton, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, Reality Bites, Princess Mononoke, Castle In The Sky, Sprited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, That 70's Show, Gilmore Girls, The Simpsons.
Paramore, Aural Vampire, CSS, Abingdon Boys School, Alice Nine, Underoath, Daft Punk, beforU, Dir En Grey, The Faint, ANY TECHNO, Family Force 5, Imogen Heap, Frou Frou, JStarr, The Medic Droid, Gravy Train, Peaches, Hollywood Undead, Utada Hikaru, Mayday Parade, MSI, The Misfits, Old MCR, Old FOB, The Secret Handshake, Old This Providence, Wheatus.
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